What kinds of work do you do? I do just about anything image related. Taking pictures of all kinds, tutorials for photography or Photoshop, editing, retouching, photo restorations, photo-cards, invitations, Commercial photos and advertising. Maybe it would be better to just say 'hey, do you do that'?
Any project too small? Nope.
How do we get started?  Lets sit down and find out if we have chemistry. That's important to photography also. Just send me a message at the bottom of the page.
How do I get or print copies of the images? Once your images are ready we'll schedule a viewing. Print orders can be placed at that time. Digital copies will be made available for you to download. Easy, clean, environmentally responsible.
Do I have to buy prints or can I just have the digitals? There is pricing below if you just want digital copies with print rights. Please note that colors between print shops are not all the same. I simply can't guarantee the colors will be as intended when using out sourced print shops. 
Do I get copies of ALL the images taken? No. I choose very carefully the best images that flatter you, the others in the photo, and represent my business in the finest way. The images that make the final edit you may have.
How does the billing work? Everyone loves cash! However, when paying with a credit or bank card, invoicing will be provided by Paypal and sent to your email address. You don't need a Paypal account. 
When is payment do? Your full payment, or a down payment of 50% for invoices over $500, are due immediately for me to put your event on my schedule. We call that a booking fee. Any remaining balance is due the day of your event. Prints are ordered once full payment is received.
What if I have to cancel? Honestly, rescheduling would be preferred if we can. Cancellations within 14 days of your scheduled event will be refunded less 40% of booking fee. All circumstances will be considered. 
What are your prices if my project doesn't fit a package?
Just ask! I just know we can work something out.
Package price list available upon request.
I'll answer any question you have! Just fill out the contact form below.


Thank you!

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